Workshops and Speaking Topics

The multifaceted Shining Mountains Press team presents on a variety of topics including: Bully Prevention, Effective Parenting, Conflict Resolution, Diversity Training, Community Building, Centering Skills, Environmental Awareness  and Peaceful Living Skills for adults and children.

We can tailor and customize programs by length and content to fit the needs of your organization.

Peaceful Living Skills for Young Children

Children, now more than ever, need to learn how to calmly handle their emotions, respectfully resolve conflicts, effectively communicate their needs and feelings and most importantly, identify and honor their own inner strengths. The hands on materials and insightful activities taught by the Shining Mountains Press team make these complex concepts simple and easy to understand for children and adults alike.

Be a Happy Parent Live with a Happy Child – Effective Parenting

Many ask us how we define effective parenting and what the impact is for a child. At Shining Mountains Press we believe this term means that we are raising children who: listen to and respect their parents’ requests, work and play independently while still desiring to share and be thoughtful within a group as well as clearly communicate their needs and feelings. Of critical importance, is that children are able to identify with and operate from their Authentic Self and, therefore, experience a deep sense of satisfaction and joy within their lives.

The Shining Mountains Press team developed multiple programs to assist parents and caregivers in creating a thoughtful atmosphere that fosters meaningful emotional experiences for their children. This process allows children to develop a strong and loving sense of themselves as well as an appreciation of others.

Each presentation is tailored to the particular needs of the school or organization. In one evening, we cover the main components involved with implementing effective parent practices. Increasing this time to include Saturday and/or Sunday allows participants the opportunity to be become actively involved in the concepts, share thoughts and concerns, and practice the skills of effective parenting.

Community Building

The Shining Mountains Press team studied, researched and implemented outstanding practical techniques that foster a strong community atmosphere in a multitude of environments. Creating a sense of community in the family, the school, the board room or the office is vital to the effective functioning of any group or organization.
This intriguing, experiential workshop is framed within the original community development model created by Dr. Jim and Sonnie McFarland. This model, called CPIR – A Model for Community Development includes the key elements of Climate – Process – Identity – Relationship as essential elements for creating an effectual and productive community. This hands-on workshop teaches people specific ideas, concepts and techniques to strengthen the community atmosphere, while providing attendees the immediate opportunity to experience the joy of being a part of a cooperative, trusting and thoughtful team.

Centering Skills for Adults

This experiential workshop explores scientifically proven skills that enhance people’s ability to center their minds, body and emotions to calmly respond to any situation, and live with inner peace. With this knowledge participants are able to take responsibility for themselves and develop self management skills that allow them to more consistently stay in touch with their light within – their greatest potential.

Bully Prevention

Research from ???? indicates that 66% of children have been bullied while another 27% admit to being a bully. Additionally, 42% of adults say they too have been bullied in their adult life. It is therefore of critical importance that our society take action to stop this disturbing and hurtful behavior before irrefutable damage is done. The comprehensive work of Shining Mountains Press addresses the need for children and adults alike to foster respect for themselves, others and their environments. People who are connected to their authentic self, or true nature, have no reason to bully as they do not need to insult or intimidate others to feel better about themselves.

Diversity Training Through Cultural Awareness

This is an in-depth discussion and experiential practice of how to manage differences among people and cultures. This workshop explores the importance of implementing the four elements of connectedness, compassion, co-existence and cooperation to maintain respectful and vibrant relationships.

Environmental Awareness

Being sensitive to the needs of our Earth’s beautiful and fragile environment is becoming more important every day as billions of people depend on its health to survive.  This workshop will explore the interconnectedness of all life, the importance of being aware and empathetic to the needs of the environment, ways to create balance between what is taken and what is returned to it, and ways to be actively engaged in preserving its life-sustaining qualities.

Conflict Resolution

Learning to resolve differences in a peaceful manner is one of the most important skill sets all people need.  If the human race understood and implemented this skill, our world would be peaceful.  This workshop brings greater understanding of the elements needed to engage in compassionate communication and problem solving from birth to adulthood.   In addition to specific practices of conflict resolution, attention will be given to developing deeper levels of compassion and respect which are keys to successfully resolving differences among people.

Please contact us to create an effective and dynamic program for your organization.

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